Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lessons Learned Too Late

I dated a guy named Adam once. He was named after Eve's husband and not that old adage, "Up and Adam!" I loved saying to him "Up and Adam!" He never got the "up" part as he always stayed in bed but he never failed to glance my way...WHICH MEANS he got the "Adam" part right!
Then today my friend Nikki IM'd me that Lori is going to the birthday party tonight. See, our friend Lori has yet to debut her new nose to the world! She just got it last Thursday. But Nikki informed me that Lori was, "Up and at 'em". "Up and at 'em?" All that is holy. It clicked right away. It immediately felt like I had just found my mom's missing ice cream cone (my mom misplaced her ice cream cone one day in 1994 and made me look for it before admitting she possibly had eaten the whole thing). Sometime a long time ago, people must have been saying, "Get up and get at them!" Then it shortened down like "totally" has simply become "totes" and "Mother I'd like to Fuck" is better known as (aka!) "MILF". "Up and Adam" never did make much sense to me anyway. HOWEVER, I cannot say the same for "Wind Sheild Factor". You probably know it better as the "Wind Chill Factor". But how many times has your mother said, "Up and Adam!" and you rubbed your booger laden eyes and touched the window to find out just how cold it was outside before embarking on your day? You my friend, were checking the "Wind Sheild Factor".

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Monica said...

i just learned how to spell this the other week! who knew?!?!?!1